The History of the CARHA Hockey World Cup!

The next edition of the CARHA Hockey World Cup is getting closer and closer, now just 7 months and 26 days away.

Before we write another chapter in the history of this event, let's first take a look back on where the event came from, and how we got here.

The CARHA Hockey World Cup was born in 1996 with the first edition of the tournament taking place in Toronto, Ontario. It was built on an Olympic-themed approach, as it was hosted every four years in a selected city.

CARHA Hockey’s goal and intention was to provide recreational players over the age of 19 from around the world the opportunity to play in a hockey tournament with international flair.

A tournament of this size and style didn't exist anywhere else in the world, but rather only smaller, annual tournaments in different countries.

Toronto in 1996 was a great success and built a solid base of players for the event to succeed on in the future. Many of the same players and teams continue to participate to this day!

From there, the event was taken to Vancouver in 2000, Ottawa in 2004, and Quebec City in 2008, before heading to a smaller community in 2012 in Sault Ste. Marie.

The event was just as successful and kept the same flair that makes it so popular, and had similar results in Windsor in 2016!

The CARHA Hockey World Cup continues to grow and grow. More and more teams are interested with every edition of the tournament, and more and more Canadian cities are keen to host the event.

Now, after a successful second bid attempt, Richmond is ready to welcome the world.

We'll see you in 2020!


Richmond, BC
March 29th to April 5th, 2020
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