International Players in the NHL Playoffs!

126. That’s the amount of European players spread out across the 16 teams that are playing in, or have played in the 2018-19 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

These players hail from 13 different countries including Russia, Sweden, Finland, Kazakhstan, Italy, Norway, and Switzerland. Some rather familiar countries as we have teams participating in the CARHA Hockey World Cup in 2020 from each of those countries as well.

This playoff season, the Europeans are dominating on the ice. Six out of the top ten leading point getters are European. Five out of ten of the leading scorers and five out of ten assist leaders are European. The Europeans even dominate in the net with four out the top ten goalies being from Europe. 

Hockey is officially an international game.

It is played all over Europe, producing some of the best talent in the sport. 27.4% of the National Hockey League (NHL) is made up of Europeans. This is a growing number since the 1970's. Up until then, professional hockey in North America was dominated by Canadians. Canadians are no longer the majority of the NHL. The growth of the hockey across the world has been tremendous and there is no sign of it slowing down.

It comes by no surprise that the majority of the leading players in the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs are from Europe.

Some of this same talent will be coming to Richmond in 2020 for the CARHA Hockey World Cup, with teams registered from 15 different countries.

We look forward to seeing our friends from all over the world come together for the greatest sport on earth!


Richmond, BC
March 29th to April 5th, 2020
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