The Simpson's and Their Iconic Jerseys!

If you have been to the CARHA Hockey World Cup before, chances are you've seen The Simpson's playing in, or walking around in their famous jerseys.

We asked them how these jerseys came to be, and here's what they had to say.

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"Once we had entered the 2016 CARHA Hockey World Cup, we decided that we wanted to have new jerseys made up. There were a few different companies we were looking at but they were located in different parts of the country.

We decided to look locally and came across Keener Jerseys in an online advertisement. I gave them a call and talked to Jason. My brother Marc (Grimey) and I set up a meeting with him and Keener one afternoon.

The jerseys that we were wearing were based on the Nashville Predators yellow. Mainly because we only had the one set and no one in our league wore yellows at the time. We had a few ideas that we liked. As we kept meeting, the design we liked originally slowly changed over the course of about 8 months. At one of the meetings, the artist gave us an idea to reverse the colours of our yellows and we loved it. The colours and design of the jersey was set.

On to the personal touches. As you may know, the names on the jerseys are characters from The Simpson’s. We thought it would be a great idea to put the actual characters on the shoulder patches. Keener had the idea to put the clouds behind the characters and we loved it. All of our name bars and numbers were made using the Simpson's font. The crest was a throwback to our original jerseys. It’s Homer going after the potato chips in the astronaut episode.

We got a mock up of the jerseys on digital file and they looked great. We signed off about four months before the tournament and they went into production. After about four weeks, we got the call we were waiting for - the jerseys were in!

I pretty much left work to go pick them up. When Keener presented them to me, I was floored. They looked absolutely incredible. We couldn’t wait to unveil them at the tournament. We were trying to figure out the best way to release them when we came up with the idea to unveil them at the opening night street party. We wore them under the Team Canada jerseys for the parade. As night fell, during the street party we all got together and took them off at the same time to unveil the Simpsons jerseys. I kid you not, the other athletes stopped what they were doing and came over to us. The response was nothing short of incredible! We guessed that our pictures were taken at least 400 times they night. They were an overwhelming success. The jerseys were a top three beer league jersey on TSN, too!

Even now, three years later we still get compliments from other teams and on social media. We are currently in talks with Keener for a new jersey that is near production. We can’t thank Keener, Jason, Rob and the crew at Keeners enough. They are amazing. We’ll be unveiling them at the 2020 tournament."


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