A Day in Richmond!

The City of Richmond features many things to see and do. The week you're in town for the CARHA Hockey World Cup next year may not be enough time to experience it all.

But maximize your days and the time you have available and you'll see a Canadian city that is vibrant, cultural, and exciting.

Here is how a day in Richmond may look!

Your day may begin checking out Fisherman's Wharf in Steveston, which is a historic fishing village located on the outskirts of Richmond.

Plenty of great spots for breakfast or lunch, and plenty of views to take in!

From there, you and your team could be heading to the picturesque Richmond Olympic Oval, home of the Winter Olympics in 2010, and a state-of-the-art facility. You'll compete in one of your games on the breathtaking ice surface seen below, after taking a glass elevator from the dressing room to rink-level.

After your game, we're sure you'll want to enjoy a bite to eat and an ice cold beverage. Richmond has amazing options everywhere you look, such as The Deck Kitchen and Bar at the Pacific Gateway Hotel, seen below. 

The food is great, the drinks are better, and the people are the best.

After dinner, tour the city and all it has to offer, and enjoy a sunset in the amazing Richmond spring weather.

Take comfort in how good of a day it was, and how many more are to come at the 2020 CARHA Hockey World Cup.

We'll see you in Richmond.


Richmond, BC
March 29th to April 5th, 2020
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