Hockey Club Kampin Karjut

Hockey Club Kampin Karjut is a newcomer to the CARHA Hockey World Cup.

We had the opportunity to ask Miko Alho some questions about the team and their plans for 2020!

Tell us about your team – what’s your team name, where are you from, and when were you created?

Team name is Hockey Club Kampin Karjut (means Boars of Kamppi, Kamppi is a district of Helsinki) and founded 1994 in Helsinki. This season is our 25th taking part in Helsinki area recreational league called Stadiliiga. I'm one of two members of our first season team. About 10 years ago we had too few members and we united with the Helsinki Bears while still playing under the name Kampin Karjut (because in Finnish it sounds better).

Have you been to the CARHA Hockey World Cup in the past?

No. But we have taken part in a couple of EUROHA tournaments. 

Why do you think hockey is becoming more and more popular in Finland?

In 1960's we got our first ice stadium and in late 1970 the (half) professional league was founded. I think these were the starting points. Then there were successful players like Jari Kurri and Esa Tikkanen who won the Stanley Cup with the Oilers several times in the 1980's. Our national team success has been important also and it begun in Calgary in 1988 with the Olympic silver medal. The first years of the 1990's in Finland were economical depression and some way the World Championship in 1995 pushed us forward and of course increased the popularity of ice hockey exponentially. And then there is TEEMU SELÄNNE, exceptionally positive and friendly and open-minded Finn and the Finnish Ice Hockey Association capitalized on his success and fame.

What are you most excited for in the city of Richmond in 2020?

Honestly, Vancouver. Some of our team members are going to head to Olympic skiing slopes too!

What do you love about the game of hockey?

Friends is the first thing. And the team is the second. We have different kinds of people in our team and all of us can participate without a feeling of harassment. Our rules include no racism, no discrimination and no violence. We have tried to create an atmosphere where you can forget your daily stresses and be YOU. Meeting in the locker room and talking is very important. On the ice it's so nice and joyful just to play and skate. Our team motto is "play serious not humourless and don't give up". With this you respect the game, the opponent and yourself.


Richmond, BC
March 29th to April 5th, 2020
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