A Veteran CARHA Hockey World Cup Referee!

Galen Brewer is a veteran official for CARHA Hockey having been a referee for nearly 30 years. Brewer has officiated at the Ottawa, Quebec City, Sault Ste. Marie, and Windsor CARHA Hockey World Cup tournaments. The CARHA Hockey World Cup in Richmond in 2020 is already highlighted and circled on his calendar.

Brewer has built an army of friends over his years of officiating with CARHA Hockey. One of his favourite things about reffing the game of hockey is the friends he has made along the way. “I love the arena; the sounds; the players; the competitions, but most important is my reffing family both local and across the country” Brewer will cherish those friendships for a lifetime.

From his previous experiences at the CARHA Hockey World Cup, Brewer has made many memories. However, memories that stand out to him include working a game at the Old Colissee in Quebec City - “It was an incredible moment”, he states. Another one of Brewer’s favourite memories has to be when he stepped on the ice during the Quebec City CARHA Hockey World Cup and immediately wiped out because he had forgotten to take his skate guards off. “The game was a competitive one and the players got a good chuckle out of my embarrassment as I lay on the ice trying to collect myself.”

Brewer is already looking forward to the next CARHA Hockey World Cup in Richmond. He can’t wait to come together and share his passion for hockey with people from all over the world as he “love[s] [how] the different nationalities who come to compete and marvel that a singular game can have so many varied ways of playing it”.

We'll see you in Richmond, Galen!



Richmond, BC
March 29th to April 5th, 2020
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