HC Salem Was Inspired by the Summit Series

Mukhtar from HC Salem offered up a great story about his team ahead of the 2020 CARHA Hockey World Cup in Richmond.

They took inspiration from the amazing Summit Series of 1972, and have always wanted their own chance to play internationally.

Now, the CARHA Hockey World Cup does just that every four years.

In the distant days of the 70's, it was our dream to compete in the World Hockey Championships. The amazing matches between Canada and the USSR and vivid recollection of the 1972 Summit Series.

At that time, in our teens, we all wanted to reflect the characters of Phil Esposito, Valery Kharlamov or Ken Dryden. We made simple sportswear and equipment and played hockey in our yards.

Two years ago, we all met up again to dive into the hockey river of thrills and youthful ardor, in spite of the fact that we are old enough and some of us already get a boot out of their grandchildren. That's what hockey magic is all about.

We fulfilled our dream by arriving to Canada for the CARHA Hockey World Cup in 2012 as team Zholbarys. It was an unforgettable experience for all of us so we collectively decided to return to the CARHA Hockey World Cup in 2016.

We now represent a hockey club "Salem" from Almaty, Kazakhstan. Salem in Kazakh means "Hi! Hello!". It is precisely this name that our neighborhood team had in the 1976-77 season. That year we were a third-place finish in the municipal junior competition "Golden Puck".          

The Republic of Kazakhstan is also known as "The Country of the Great Steppe". While located primarily in Asia, a small portion of Kazakhstan is also located west of the Urals in Eastern Europe.

Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world with a size of 2,724,900 square kilometers.

Almaty is attractive and comfortable; it is a sunshine city. Almaty is buried in verdure, with wide streets, fine buildings, numerous parks, public gardens and fountains. It is no mere chance that this very beautiful city at the foot of an emerald green Tien Shan mountain ridge is often called "a garden city".     

Kazakhstan is famous for hockey tradition. Quite a number of young players got good training in Kazakhstan and then played great hockey as members of the USSR national team. Among them was a young defense player Yevgeny Poladiev, a part of the Soviet team in the first Canada - USSR Series of 1972.

We are looking forward to reconnecting with the hockey community for this amazing event.


Richmond, BC
March 29th to April 5th, 2020
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