Hockey Show 93 Returns!

Hockey Show 93 is a long-time attendee of the CARHA Hockey World Cup and a fantastic group of people.

CARHA Hockey had the opportunity to discuss the World Cup with Fabio Ferraro, seen below!

Tell us about your team – what’s your team name, where are you from, and when were you founded?

Our team name is Hockey Show 93, and as per the team name we were founded in 1993. We come from the Locarno area (south part of Switzerland, Lake Maggiore close to Italy) where we speak Italian.

You are bringing two teams this time around – how many of these players have played in the World Cup before?

Almost all - around 20 players that were present in Windsor will be back in Richmond. It will be the fifth time for us at the CARHA Hockey World Cup, and ten of our players have been there since we started attending.

What are you looking forward to in Richmond in 2020?

As with the other editions, we are looking forward to travelling around before and after the tournament in the local area, meeting other teams, and playing hockey of course.

We have always made friends with teams from the local area so we are excited to meet people from Richmond. We had someone from the 2016 World Cup come visit us in Europe and he'll be joining us in Richmond in 2020!

What do you love most about the CARHA Hockey World Cup?

The organization of the event, the opportunity to meet new people, and getting the chance to travel.


Richmond, BC
March 29th to April 5th, 2020
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