A Local Team Ready to Welcome the World!

The Vancouver Flames are ready to welcome you all in 2020 and meet with like-minded hockey souls from around the world. 

We had the opportunity to ask Andy Hurst some questions about the team, and they have quite the history!

‚ÄčTell us about your team – what’s your team name, where are you from, and when were you founded?

On April 20, 2017 the Vancouver Flames old-timers hockey team celebrated 50 years of playing together, twice a week, at the UBC rink. The team was started in 1967 by a group of MBA and other grad students.  The original group of five – Keith Morrison, Gord Rees, Bill Jamieson, Ewart Blackmore and Rich Helmer – are still with the team; the rest of the core group was recruited in the late 60's and early 70's. After those student days, we became doctors, lawyers, businessmen, physicists. Long hair went gray, sometimes fell out. We got married, had kids and grandkids. Speedy youngsters became lumbering old-timers. Some have artificial parts, a few have died, including goalie Sean Rossiter, a well-known Vancouver writer. 

Over the years, we have played more than a hundred tournaments, locally, in the US (including 34+ appearances at the renowned Charles Schulz Snoopy Tournament in Santa Rosa, CA), twice to Europe and even once in Mexico. The stories we tell (and re-tell) of our adventures together are legendary. The Flames have contributed generously for various charities and fund two scholarships each year for a male and a female UBC varsity hockey player.

How amazing of a facility is the Richmond Olympic Oval and what can tournament attendees look forward to at this venue?

We have played there only a few times. From what I recall - two Olympic-sized ice rinks adjacent to multi-purpose gyms inside the converted long track speeding oval. Great ice. Modern dressing rooms.

We’ll be bringing teams and players from all across the world to Vancouver and Richmond for the World Cup – what makes this area so great?

Hey it’s the Vancouver lower mainland - what else to say? Besides hockey, there is sailing, golf, local mountains for hiking and skiing, plus access via YVR - one of the best international airports in the world.

What draws you to the CARHA Hockey World Cup?

Meeting with like-minded hockey souls from around the world.  


Richmond, BC
March 29th to April 5th, 2020
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