The Richmond Vintage Vets!

Who better to tell us about the city of Richmond than a team who has spent their entire history playing there?

We had the opportunity to ask Allen Lacroix of the Richmond Vintage Vets a few questions about his team, the city, and the CARHA Hockey World Cup!

Tell us about your team – what’s your team name, where are you from, and when were you founded?       

My daughter-in-law Pam Lacroix led the Richmond Oval’s bid. As part of their bid, when the CARHA committee visited Richmond, Pam wanted to set up a display dressing room at the rink and used our Vets baby blue jerseys. I’d like to think the Vets in a small way helped with Richmond’s winning bid.

Our team is in their 36th year and has been Richmond-based the entire time. The origins of the Vets team were from a 1970 Richmond Midget team sponsored by the Richmond Army Navy Airforce Force (ANAF) Veterans. 12 years after playing together on the midget team one of the guys formed the Vets which acknowledged the ANAF Vets and also stands for Valiant Effort and Team Spirit. Almost all of the original team members came back to play with the Vets that first year as well as the original coach, manager, trainer and time keeper!  The World Cup would signify 50 years since the origin of the Vets!

For many years, the Vets were a CARHA-insured team and participated in the 2000 World Cup games. We recently decided to go with the city’s less expensive insurance as the guys haven’t wanted to enter tournaments, until hearing about the World Cup being held in Richmond in 2020.

Having played in Richmond for so long, what we can expect from the next host city of our event?

As part of the lower mainland’s west coast boom, Richmond has grown from a small bedroom community to an international multicultural city. The city of Richmond website does a great job providing more insight.
How amazing of a facility is the Richmond Olympic Oval and what can tournament attendees look forward to at this venue?

Fantastic world class facility, however the Vets play out of the Richmond Ice Centre six-rink facility at the other end of Richmond. 
We’ll be bringing teams and players from all across the world to your city for the World Cup – what makes Richmond so great?

Multicultural international community with endless choices for dining, shopping and interesting places to explore. 
What draws you to the CARHA Hockey World Cup?

The guys love to compete and the chance to play teams from all over the world is a great experience.  Additionally the tournament’s social functions create the opportunity to meet people from around the world and learn about them. 


Richmond, BC
March 29th to April 5th, 2020
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