The Longest Running Hockey Team in Ontario!

The Windsor Oldtimers are a fantastic group of guys that were a joy to be around during the CARHA Hockey World Cup in Windsor in 2016 - their home city. They're coming back for more in 2020 and we had the opportunity to discuss the event with Jeff McKee. He had some fantastic answers!

Tell us about your team – what’s your team name, where are you from, and when were you founded?  

The Windsor Oldtimer’s, from Windsor, Ontario, were originally formed in 1973 - making 2018 the 45th year of operation. The team was originally formed by Mr. Norman Hall. Mr. Hall was inducted into the Canadian Oldtimer Hockey Hall of Fame around 1992. Most recently the team has been managed by Bill Kell and Whitey Deroshier. Bill and Whitey were instrumental in bringing the 2016 CARHA Hockey World Cup event to Windsor, working countless hours as the leaders of the organizing committee. The Windsor Oldtimer’s have the distinction of being the longest running team locally in Windsor and across the province of Ontario. In, 2017 Bill and Whitey passed the reins over to a group of current players who are dedicated to continuing the legacy of the Windsor Oldtimer’s with participation in a minimum of 7 tournaments each season as well as hosting the Ambassador Cup tournament each November.                

Playing as a local team in Windsor in 2016, what was it about the event that has interested you in travelling to Richmond in 2020?

The team is looking forward to 2020 in Richmond to once again meet players from all over the world, who love the game as much as we do. Our players and families thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the 2016 event – from the opening to the closing ceremonies. Lasting memories were made at the games, formal events, in the Canada House and on the ice. At the closing ceremonies in 2016 our team had already made the decision to enter the 2020 World Cup, regardless of where it was being hosted. We continue to reminisce about our experiences in 2016 and are all excited to travel to Richmond in 2020.

Do you have a favourite moment or memory of the 2016 event?

The 2016 CARHA Hockey World Cup exceeded all of our expectations. For over 20 years, our current team have attended at least 7 or more local and out of town tournaments each year.  CARHA Hockey's World Cup in 2016 was by far the best of all time!  We all attended the Opening Ceremonies, which became the highlight of the week. We walked in the parade, swapped sweaters with players from other countries and socialized up and down the street.  Canada House quickly became a nightly event for the Windsor Oldtimer’s players, spouses and families.  We made it to the division final which was played in front of a full house. One of our players, a former NHL player, stated at the closing ceremonies “This was the best week of hockey I have ever had!”

What was it like welcoming teams and players from all around the world to your city?

As a host team we enjoyed every aspect of the event, in particular meeting fellow hockey lovers both on and off the ice. We enjoyed all of the opportunities to meet the other teams, at the opening and closing ceremonies, in Canada House and at restaurants and bars around the city. It was such a rare treat to meet so many people, from so many other countries, right here in our own backyard. The “Parade of Athletes”  really opened our eyes to just how many teams from other countries travelled here for the event. We were proud of our city and the organizing committee for all of their work in bringing this fantastic week to our home town!

What can the city of Richmond look forward to in 2020?

The City of Richmond can expect an economic windfall and a party not to be forgotten. A great group of people from all over the world will be there to enjoy not only the CARHA Hockey World Cup, but also restaurants, bars and stores. The streets will be alive with a great group of hockey players from around the world, ready to play hard both on and off the ice. Local residents will be in for a treat as well. 


Richmond, BC
March 29th to April 5th, 2020
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