Jarin Pallo is Hungry for More!

The following was written by Teemu Artukka, Assistant GM of Jarin Pollo.

Jarin Pallo is a beer league from Turku, Finland. The team was established in 2011 by a bunch of guys wanting to extend the outdoor hockey season. Since then, the group has expanded quite a lot. We play in a local beer league, but the highlights of the season are the few tournaments we attend.

Last year we also set up our own tournament which was a charitable event where we collected money for Saku Koivu's cancer foundation, Aamu Foundation. Tournament was a success charitably and otherwise.

We also participated in the CARHA Hockey World Cup in 2016 for the first time. We heard about the tournament on YouTube where we found a video of the open division final. We participated in the Coors Light division and we lost in the semi-finals. To be truthful, we were a little bit lucky to get there anyways so we celebrated heavily the "third" position.

The whole week is all about hockey, the game we love so dearly. When we were in Windsor, you could feel the tournament in the city. Locals talked about it, we made friends with a lot of other players, and spent a lot of time at local bars. We expect to see and feel that in Richmond also.

We made friends with a local couple - Jyrki and Sue. Jyrki was born in Finland, but lived almost his entire life in Canada. They both came to see our games and were obviously the only locals to root for us against the Canadians.

The most memorable thing was when we won our first game. The other team's captain came to our locker room and gave us a heartfelt speech about how they loved to play against us. Hard battle on the ice and only love after the game.

We also made an amateur documentary series about our team's journey to Windsor, Ontario for Finnish national TV.

In 2020, we know what to expect and we will play in two divisions; open and 35+. The older team is mostly CARHA Hockey World Cup veterans and the younger team is full of young hungry lions.


Richmond, BC
March 29th to April 5th, 2020
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