A New Team Enters the Fray!

When a new team registers for the CARHA Hockey World Cup, we are always curious as to how they heard about the event, and what their reasoning is for registering. Not only was Nummelan KiekkoVeljet new to the event, but also just a new team in general. They have a great story, as told by Joni Makinen below!

Nummelan KiekkoVeljet (NKV) is an ice hockey team from Nummela, Finland which is also the hometown of future NHL star Eeli Tolvanen.

The team was established in 2015 and is composed of 25 players who love playing ice hockey. Nummela KiekkoVeljet started just as something fun to do during the winter in 2015.

The team name in English means Ice Hockey Brothers from Nummela, because all players are living in Nummela or nearby.

We are like brothers to each other, and we don’t only spend time together on the ice.

At the beginning there wasn’t equipment or even goalies. The group immediately got bigger and we also found goalies. All players decided to purchase all the equipment.

The first league season was 2016-17. There was no suitable league nearby, so we decided to start and organize our own league in Nummela. The league got the name Nummela Hockey League (NHL), which is meant for players 18 and over who are not taking hockey so seriously anymore or playing at the higher leagues of Finland.

In 2017, Nummela KiekkoVeljet got an award for establishing and organizing the league, which was given by the town politicians.

Now Nummela Hockey League has ten teams and 250 players which are from many kind of backgrounds, from ex-professional players to beginners. The season includes regular season, playoffs and also an awards gala.

Now that our players have gotten a taste of our local league, we want them to get a taste of International hockey, which is why we want to take part in the CARHA Hockey World Cup!

We made a promo video for our team during last summer which can be found here.


Richmond, BC
March 29th to April 5th, 2020
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