Janove Pettersson and the Golden Camels!

The Golden Camels from Stockholm, Sweden are former champions of the CARHA Hockey World Cup, and they're heading to Richmond in 2020 seeking another title.

We sat down with Janove Pettersson to discuss the team, their World Cup memories, and more!

Tell us about your team - what’s your team name, where are you from, and when were you founded?

AC Camelen ”Athletic Club The Camel” from Stockholm, Sweden. The club was originally founded in a restaurant in 1971 but it wasn’t until a while later it the was given the name Camelen, named after the jazz club Kamelen (The Camel) in the Old Town of Stockholm. The plan was to start a ‘bandy’ club but by mistake the ordered bandy sticks never showed up. Instead a bunch of ice hockey stick arrived so the hockey club was born.

When did you first attend the CARHA Hockey World Cup?

The first year the club attended the CARHA Hockey World Cup was in 1996, and what a year it was. After the final game of the tournament the speaker announced, “Winner of the game and Champions of the AMJ Campbell Division (40+) - Stockholm Golden Camels” (the club's international name), not a single camel eye was left dry. Blue Goose Tavern from Toronto was beaten 9-0 in the final and the Golden Camels had entered the Canadian hockey scene with a bang. Also worth mentioning is that in the same year Swedish superstar Börje Salming played for another Swedish team that was knocked out in the first round. Sad for Mr. Salming but as they say in the Camel, ”One star doesn’t make a heaven”.

What are you most excited about in Richmond in 2020?

To try and put together a team with at least some of the players who won the cup in 1996. A tough challenge since most of them probably have thrown away all their gear by now.


Richmond, BC
March 29th to April 5th, 2020
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