Travelling from Slovenia

Team Mamut and Team Jelen will travel nearly 9,000 kilometres to the 2020 CARHA Hockey World Cup (CHWC) from Slovenia. But that’s nothing new for them. They have been attending the CHWC since Toronto in 1996. CARHA Hockey was fortunate enough to catch up with the Slovenian teams and learn about their experiences with the CHWC. Janez Sternisa, the President of Team Mamut states that they are already getting excited for the next CHWC in Richmond, BC. He shared that one of their favourite moments from previous CHWC’s has to be the opening and closing ceremonies, “they were outstanding and very interesting by being able to exchange our experiences with other teams from various countries”, and they look forward to being a part of it again come March of 2020.

The two teams play in their respective adult hockey leagues in Slovenia. The teams used to share a competitive rivalry in one league but now rarely cross paths, however, when they do, their old rivalry kicks in, which usually takes place at tournaments in Kranj or Ljubljana, Slovenia. Team Jelen came first as they have been a team for nearly 30 years. Whereas team Mamut has been playing together for 20 years. Yet, the two teams still have the same goal – to be as good as Canada and take a run for the cup at the CHWC.

The teams from Slovenia come to the CHWC to explore Canada’s culture and play the game they love while they’re at it. Team Jelen’s President Stas Kalan says, “We expect to have a good time surrounded by people who love the same game”. To the Slovenian’s this is not just a tournament but rather a time for them to explore parts of the world they have yet to see. With hopes of beating some Canadian teams in the tournament, the Slovenian teams are also looking forward to spending some time with Canadian players to see if they live up to their glorious stereotypes, such as being polite and friendly. The players plan to extend their visit in Canada and get a greater look at Canadian culture like, catching an NHL game or checking out the Vancouver Winter Olympics venues.

Team Jelen’s President adds, “We realize that this is the event that every recreational ice hockey player must participate in at least once”. The CARHA Hockey World Cup is a tournament you won’t want to miss, so come out and join Team Mamut and Jelen in Richmond, March of 2020! 


Richmond, BC
March 29th to April 5th, 2020
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