Sitting down with The Simpsons

We recently had the opportunity to discuss the CARHA Hockey World Cup with Karl from The Simpsons hockey team. They attended the event for the first time in 2016 and had quite the time. From developing a friendship to an opponent to their unique jerseys, their story is a good one!

  1. Can you describe what the experience of participating in the CARHA Hockey World Cup meant to your team?

The experience was amazing. This was the first tournament we played together as a team. The guys were all looking forward to it. We signed up two and a half years before the Cup began. It was a topic of conversation at every one of our games from that point on. We really looked forward to bonding as a team for the first time. What better way to do that than a 10-day road trip! From the time we arrived and got into our rooms, to the day we checked out, we felt, and were treated like athletes. From the opening ceremonies, to the EMT’s at every single game looking out for us, it was amazing. It solidifies us as a team and we look forward to playing in the next one. 

  1. Throughout the tournament it became evident that your team and the Royal Air Force Aces developed quite the friendship, can you tell us a bit about that?

We started our friendship on Twitter through some friendly banter, as we got to know each other, it became apparent that we would be hanging out together once we met. When we did, for a lot of us it was like seeing old friends. That just built over the week. We met every night at the same "refreshment establishments" and really became inseparable after that. We still talk to each other on social media. Life friendships were made that week.  

  1. A memorable moment for us was when the Royal Air Force Aces played The Simpsons theme song during one of your games. What other moments stand out to you from the tournament?

Well, that was probably a career highlight for most of the guys on our team when they showed up to that game! We were in tough against a very good Epscan team. As many saw, the game really didn't start out for us very well. They were on us hard and we didn't have a whole lot of puck luck happening. We were down and the Aces never stopped cheering. I remember looking at the bench from the net during intermission and we all looked up at them cheering and playing the trumpet for us, we looked at each other and said it was time to play some "Simpsons hockey". It worked, and with some luck we were able to tie the game and get the OT winner with a few seconds left on the clock! They willed us through that game. Other great moments include seeing a game at the Joe! What a fantastic experience that was for all of us! From the nights spent at the Dugout (our unofficial bar) watching the Jets games, to the chanting wars with one of the Swedish teams, it was a great experience all around! 

  1. You’ve got a pretty unique set of jerseys, where did the idea come from to go with a Simpsons theme?

My brothers and I were sitting around when we formed the team. Our team consists of mostly family and long-time friends. We're proud to say we now have four father and son combos playing with us! We were trying to think of a name for the team and were stuck, so we asked each other what one thing was we all liked? Easy answer, The Simpsons. And we went with it. Our first jerseys were simple black or white with our numbers and the characters names we voted for each other. Our yellow jerseys were inspired by the Predators colours. Our newest blue jerseys were an eight month collaboration with Keener Jerseys. We took our time to get them just right! As the reception we received showed, they were a hit. They even got a retweet from Al Jean (Simpsons producer) himself!  

  1. The CARHA Hockey World Cup is a truly international event; what was it like to connect with hockey players from around the world that share the same passion for the sport?

That was the thing we looked forward to the most. It didn't matter if we understood each other or not, we spoke hockey. From meeting on the street to sitting in a bar, we've made life friends with people all over the world! 

In closing, we went into the tournament hoping to be competitive, playing the Aces woke us up. We realized we would have to raise to a level we'd never been to before. To win a Silver Cup was absolutely incredible!


Richmond, BC
March 29th to April 5th, 2020
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