Pond Hockey at 9,280 Feet

Original story posted here, also has a video feature about the tournament.

The 9280 Pond Hockey Tournament is a great example of how you can grow a tournament quickly due to something new or something special about the atmosphere. This tournament is huge considering what it is, and people are coming from near and far for the chance to participate. 

Tournaments are all about innovation and creating excitement and anticipation. With the CARHA Hockey World Cup happening once every four years, we always have the opportunity to innovate and bring you the best tournament experience we can offer.

It's the largest all-ages outdoor competition in the western United States and it's played at 9,280 feet on Keystone Lake at the base of Keystone Mountain. 

Over 900 players gather from around the country to take part in a great atmosphere, but even more so, to take part in what is pure. 

The 9280 Pond Hockey Tournament is in its third year and consists of eight rinks, 130 teams, 65 youth and 65 adult.

Co-Founder's and best friends Geoff Dell and Mike Gempeler wanted to create an event that everyone could enjoy.

"We realized there wasn't an opportunity for the family to come up for a pond hockey tournament. There were a lot beer heavy, adult hockey tournaments and we wanted something the whole family could be apart of." Dell told 9NEWS. 

The three day event definitely sets itself aside from the average pond hockey tournament. On Saturday night there is a firework show, multiple zambonis are running throughout the entire day, a heated tent sits right at the entrance for players to get dressed in, fire pits can be found surrounding the rink, a live DJ is blasting music and numerous shops and restaurants sit right up against the pond.

The winning teams get a chance to brag and a trophy with their name on it that sits in a restaurant next to the lake, but what's more important is the friendships they make, the laughs they share, and the kind of hockey that is played.

Getting back to the roots. On the pond, where it's pure. 


Richmond, BC
March 29th to April 5th, 2020
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