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Answers to the most commonly asked questions and searched information. All of the questions and answers have been categorized into topics, if there is a question that we didn't answer feel free to send us your question and we will provide you with the answer within 24 hours (Please note that these FAQs are subject to change).

Tournament General

Each team will be guaranteed three (3) games consisting of 3 stop time periods (12, 12, 15 minutes) plus the opportunity to advance to the playoffs.
Yes. We anticipate that there will be 1-2 Women's Divisions based on skill levels of the registered teams
No. Teams do not have to qualify to play in the CARHA Hockey World Cup.
No. A player will only be allowed to play for one team in the tournament.

Yes. Each season CARHA Hockey provides teams and leagues with an all-inclusive membership for $23.00 per player. As part of the membership players receive hockey insurance coverage in the form of general liability and accidental medical and dental. Through this membership players are entitled to year-round insurance coverage and as a result are eligible to play in CARHA Hockey events without paying any additional insurance fees.

Non CARHA Hockey members are required to pay an additional fee to participate in the CARHA Hockey World Cup to cover the cost of the team insurance. However, the insurance coverage is extended beyond just the CARHA Hockey World Cup as it provides the team with coverage for the entire season.

CARHA Hockey will post a complete list of registered teams and their home countries on the CARHA Hockey World Cup website six months before the tournament.
Individual players whom are interested to enter the tournament can register as a spare when Team Registration opens.
A 2-man officiating crew will be in place for all round robin tournament games, however, for all semi-final and final games there will be a 3-man officiating system.
Each tournament game is 3 stop-time periods (12, 12, 15 minutes)
Yes, CARHA Hockey requires a $350 CDN deposit which is non-refundable dependent on tournament capacity.
Yes, CARHA Hockey will help organize free exhibition games for teams but only upon request. Practice ice is available for traveling teams, but on a first come, first serve basis.

Tournament Rules

Although it is not necessary to use neck and / or face protectors, CARHA Hockey highly recommends for the player's safety that they are used.
Goalkeepers must wear a CSA approved hockey helmet to which a facial protector has been securely attached and not altered in any way. Goalkeepers are allowed to wear non-CSA approved facial protection such as cat-eyes, but they need to be aware any facial coverage they have through CARHA Hockey is void when using the face shield. It is recommended that all goalkeepers wear a throat protector
There is space on your roster for eighteen (18) players. Additions over and above the maximum number must be approved by CARHA Hockey in advance of the tournament start date.
Participating teams are not required to bring two (2) different colours of jerseys. If two teams are wearing the same colour, CARHA Hockey will provide bibs for the duration of the game. Those teams with two sets of jersey are welcome to bring them.
There will be NO body contact permitted in the tournament. Failure to follow these rules will result in the appropriate penalties and disciplinary measures.
There will be no slap shots allowed in the traditional Oldtimers divisions (e.g. 35+, 40+, 45+…etc) and Women's Divisions. Slap shots may be permissible in the non-traditional Oldtimers divisions (e.g. 19+, 25+, 30+…etc).
Any player(s) who is playing at the professional level at the time of the CARHA Hockey World Cup tournament will not be permitted to participate in the tournament.


Off-ice Information

CARHA Hockey provides exciting optional off-ice activities throughout the week.

The following price ranges are estimates only, and are dependent on location:

$10.00 to $15.00
$15.00 to $25.00
$25.00 to $40.00


No. The CARHA Hockey World Cup allows teams to enjoy the off-ice hockey experience by spreading the three (3) scheduled games over the course of the week, enabling them to take in the many attractions and sites of the Host City.
Yes. Due to the complexity of a tournament schedule that will involve over 230 games of hockey and with the number of teams submitting special schedule requests, we require all teams to be available to play over the weeklong event.
Yes. Local teams should be prepared to play one morning game (between 7:00am and 12:00pm), one afternoon game (between 1:00pm and 5:00pm) and one evening game (between 6:00pm and midnight).
Each team will be guaranteed three (3) games for the week. These games will be randomly scheduled therefore you should be prepared to be available to play anytime (day or evening).


Age / Divisions / Categories

Provided there are four (4) teams of equal caliber registered for the same age category, CARHA Hockey will create a division based on the standard tournament format. For example, rec / open (19+), 30+, 35+, 40+, etc.
CARHA Hockey will use the Team Profile Form, which determines the players' hockey experience while taking into consideration the age of the player. This team "rating" factor will be used along with CARHA's history on the team such as calls to the league where the team currently plays and / or tournaments where the team has recently participated in.
Goalies must be at least the age of their designated division for all divisions except for those 40+ and up. For these divisions goalies are permitted to be five (5) years younger than their designated age division. For example, for the 40+ division goalies can be as young as 35 years old as of the year of the tournament.
Provided there are four (4) teams of equal caliber registered for the same age category, CARHA Hockey will create a division based on the standard tournament format. For example, rec / open (19+), 30+, 35+, 40+, etc.
The number of teams per division will depend on how many teams have registered in each respective age/skill category.
Your team’s division will depend on the age of your youngest player. 

All players participating must be the designated tournament age or turn the designated age by the end of the same calendar year. At the request of the Tournament Committee, participants must show proof of age.

Note: Proof of age must be presented within one hour of Committee’s request.
Note: Players participating in a 19 and over division must be 19 years of age by the tournament start date. Players under the age of 19 will be considered ineligible to participate.

The women's division will be categorized by skill level only. Because of the amount of women's teams registered, it is difficult to categorize the teams by age categories.

Accommodations / Transportation

No. As CARHA Hockey has set out to provide an enjoyable and hassle free experience for all traveling teams, we negotiate competitive hotel rates based on the total number of rooms required for the event. As the Association has signed contracts to guarantee these rooms, we in turn require all traveling teams to reserve their accommodations through CARHA Hockey and to stay at the official event hotels.
No. Prices do not include meals other than those specified in the hotel package (i.e. Opening Meet and Greet Reception, Closing Dinner Dance Gala).
Yes. The hotel package includes team pick up and drop off shuttle service to and from the Airport and for each of your team's scheduled games. 

The Hotel Package is the same for players, friends and/or family members. The package includes the same offerings for all participants we have elected to charge the same rate for all who attend. Those teams that have attended tournaments where non-playing attendees have been extended a different rate for their stay usually have the tournament team entry fee and divisional prizes included in the player's package.

The only exceptions for the Hotel Package is for those guests under the age of 18. Guests under the age of 18 who are staying in the same room as their parents, stay free.

Yes. Transfers include: to and from the Host City Airport as well as transfers to and from the arena and hotel for your games are included in the Hotel Package. Should transfers be required for the Opening Meet and Greet Reception, Closing Dinner Dance Gala, and Athletes' Village, these too are included in the hotel package.
The double bed is 54 x 80 (inches). The queen bed is 60 x 80 (inches). The king bed is 76 x 80 (inches).
No. The CARHA Hockey World Cup rules state that all traveling teams (1 ½ hour drive or more outside of Host City) are required to stay in the selected event hotels, with NO exceptions.
Teams will be expected to stay together in the same hotel. Teams will be assigned to their hotel on a first come first serve basis, based on the receipt of the team’s Confirmed Hotel Rooming List and the availability in each hotel.
All hotel bookings must be done through CARHA Hockey. Therefore, if you are arriving a few days early or are staying on a few days after the conclusion of the tournament, please let us know so that we can ensure your team does not have to move from hotel to hotel during your stay.
Although CARHA Hockey is not responsible for organizing flights, we will lend our assistance to you in coordinating your travel plans. Please contact CARHA Hockey with written request for assistance and we will obtain air fare rates through our travel contacts.
CARHA Hockey will do its best to assign your team to one of your three hotel choices, although we cannot guarantee which hotel property you will be staying in.  Teams will be assigned on a first come, first served basis, based on the date of their Tournament Registration (with deposit) and the date that their required per person deposit is received.
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March 29th to April 5th, 2020
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