Tim Cornett Shares His Memories of the 2016 CHWC

When I was first approached by CARHA to be the official photographer of the 2016 World Cup, I thought to myself, “sounds like a nice little tournament.” Boy, was I wrong. There was nothing little about it. This tournament was first class all the way. Over 125 teams from all over the world descended on Windsor, Ontario in April, bringing with them almost 2,500 players from fourteen different countries. The challenge? Photograph every team at least once during the week. I enlisted the help of a few of my shooting friends and between all of us we had an exciting week that I’m sure none of us will ever forget! (Not to mention we succeeded in our quest to capture every team!)

 I caught up with a few of the teams as they arrived at Windsor Airport on Sunday morning. The first group I met was Bella Dental from Nova Scotia. Our paths crossed a few times during the week, and they are a great group of guys. Thanks for the hospitality fellas! My next stop was Caesars Windsor to get a few shots of the teams as they checked in to the hotel. The mood was festive, and there were smiles everywhere. I approached a group dressed in light blue jackets who looked like a fun bunch of guys and asked if I could take their picture. After some good natured banter and much laughter, Team Italia happily obliged. Through the course of the week we ran into each other several times, and they became one of my favourite teams in the tournament, which kicked off on Sunday night with an amazing opening reception in the Augustus Ballroom at Caesars Windsor. The reception was followed by a massive parade that started at the Athlete’s Village at Caesars and went along Riverside Drive to Ouellette Avenue, where one of the biggest street parties Windsor has ever seen was enjoyed by thousands. It was at this party that I met up with yet another awesome group of guys (are you seeing a pattern here?).

Making the trip from Winnipeg was the team known as The Simpsons. The team’s sweater featured who else? Yep. Homer! And instead of actual player names, their nameplates featured different characters from the TV show. I have kept in touch with a couple of the guys from The Simpsons through e-mail and Twitter (@simpsonshockey) and wish I had thought about getting into a photo with them. Oh well, maybe in 2020 guys!

Throughout the evening participants enjoyed games, live bands, dancing, and a whole lot of great fellowship. There was a chill in the air that night which made for a perfect way to start a hockey tournament! The games were scheduled to start on Monday morning at seven local rinks. Three at the WFCU Centre, two at the Tecumseh Arena and two more at the Vollmer Centre in LaSalle. More about that next time.


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