Team Europe's World Cup success may spell its end

Andrej Sekera was chuckling as the words came out of his mouth.

Team Europe had just wiped out Sweden – by most accounts, the second-best hockey country in the world – in a 3-2 overtime win at the World Cup of Hockey. Suddenly the misfits were moving on, to the chagrin of most of the hockey world, and some of the players saw the humour there.

Very Special Day As Alfredsson Becomes Canadian Citizen

Hockey is what brought Daniel Alfredsson and his wife to Canada, and Canada is where all four of his children were born. And on Tuesday, during World Cup of Hockey festivities, he honoured his adopted country by also becoming a citizen of Canada.

Team Europe coach for World Cup seemingly has done it all

This is Krueger, the coach of Team Europe for the World Cup of Hockey 2016, and the energy is somehow constant, bolstering his ability to run a business, a Premier League soccer team, and now a hockey team formed of players from eight countries. 

  • HC Jarin Pallo
  • Finland

HC Jarin Pallo Shares Journey Through Video

We played in the +19 division of the Carha Cup. We had absolutely amazing two weeks in Canada and after five months it still brings smile to my face when I think about the whole thing.

  • CHWC Staff
  • Windsor

Tim Cornett Shares His Memories of the 2016 CHWC

When I was first approached by CARHA to be the official photographer of the 2016 World Cup, I thought to myself, “sounds like a nice little tournament.” Boy, was I wrong. There was nothing little about it. This tournament was first class all the way. 

  • Flintstone Flyers
  • Scotland

Duncan McGregor Visits Old Friends

Paul Harrison shares a story about his good friend Duncan McGregor and how he used the 2016 CARHA Hockey World Cup to rekindle some hockey friendships from over 20 years ago!

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